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Vote for Your Favorite Sales Rep by Oct. 1

Vote for Your Favorite Sales Rep by Oct. 1

Who will take top prize in Maximum Yield’s Wholesale Sales Rep of the Year contest? It’s up to the industry to decide!

This award honors the sales rep who goes above and beyond to bring retail shop owners the products and services they need to successfully grow their stores. Voting runs until October 1, with the winner announced on October 24 at the Boston Expo. To vote, go to

And the nominees are:

  • Anne Snow, BWGS
  • Dylan Seger, BWGS
  • Scott Bryant, BWGS
  • Chris Mund, Gorilla Grow Tent
  • Bart Rush, Hydrofarm
  • Darrell Kinzie, Hydrofarm
  • Eric Frazer, Hydrofarm
  • Eric Olsen, NPK Industries
  • Eli Lozada, Smart Pots
  • Michelle White, Sunlight Supply