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QUEST Aims to Educate

QUEST Aims to Educate

QUEST Equipment, a division of Therma-Stor of Madison, Wisconsin, is pleased to announce the addition of a Frequently Asked Questions page to Written by Clif Tomasini, product manager of QUEST Hydroponics, the new webpage addresses many important topics growers commonly ask. These topics include:

  •  How to size a dehumidifier in a growroom?
  • How much moisture does an air conditioner remove?
  • What is the ideal humidity for growrooms?
  • What are the equipment energy savings like?
  •   How much heat do dehumidifiers create?
  • Can heat be ducted out?
  • What are my installation and control options?
  • Can water be reused?

Encourage your customers to visit to find the answers to these important questions. Clif Tomasini has been working in the climate control industry for the past 10 years and specifically in the hydroponic Industry for three years.  Earlier this year he penned an article for the March 2013 issue of Maximum Yield magazine titled “Humidity Control 101: Basics for you Grow Room.” An upcoming article regarding the science behind reusing water from dehumidifiers to feed plants is scheduled for publication next year. Get in touch with Clif at