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Hydrofarm Launches New Video Series

Hydrofarm Launches New Video Series

Somebody make the popcorn! Hydrofarm just released the first eight videos in its new Out Of The Box series featuring professional wrestler and comedian AJ Kirsch. Commissioned and written by Hydrofarm’s marketing director Rio Rossarne and produced by Acme Posts, the clips were shot on location at Hydrofarm’s Petaluma, California, headquarters.

“Casting for the role of ‘presenter’ was a challenge as we needed to find someone who understood the products, and could speak to the audience in an engaging yet informative way,” says Rio, “We must’ve looked at close to a 100 prospective presenters before finding AJ. He knocked it out of the park in his audition.”

In each clip, AJ takes viewers through a step-by-step examination of a Hydrofarm product, with lots of helpful information such as set it up and how to get the best results. Products featured so far are the Xtrasun reflector, the Raptor reflector, the Radiant reflector, the Daystar reflector, the Phantom II Digital Ballast, the Xtrasun Dial-a-Watt, the Quantum ballast and Active Aqua’s Premium White Trays.

“We plan on rolling out more of the Out Of The Box videos in the very near future,” says Rio. “I think it’s a great way to showcase our products in a fun and engaging way for our customers—be sure to stay tuned!” Check the videos out on Hydrofarm’s Youtube channel at or on Facebook.