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EYE Hortilux Employees Celebrate 20th Anniversaries

EYE Hortilux Employees Celebrate 20th Anniversaries

The team at EYE Hortilux celebrated three important milestones recently—the 20-year anniversaries of three its employees. Congratulations on reaching those 20-year milestones, Tracy, Maureen and Lee!

Tracy Lange started as a production technician with EYE Lighting in 1994, working on the metal halide arc tube production line that was being relocated to the United States from Iwasaki Electric in Japan. In 1995, he became the metal halide arc tube department’s lead technician until 2000, when he was promoted to the position of control engineer in the engineering department. In 2009, he transferred to the EYE applied optics division as an applications engineer, where he designed and installed custom application lighting systems for solar simulation and high-speed photography. Tracy is still in the applied optics division, where he is currently the applications manager.

Maureen Lundi started working for the company, then called Ohio Lamp Manufacturing, in 1994 in the inspection/packing department. In 1996, she moved to the front office where she still works today, paying the bills that come across her desk by the hundreds each day. Maureen is the “heart” of EYE Hortilux—if it’s an employee’s birthday, anniversary or their loved one is ill, she is the one who always remembers. If something needs to get done and no one seems to have their eye on the ball, Maureen will remind the person responsible for the task and on top of that, she’ll pick up and do the prep work before she does.

Lee Davis joined Ohio Lamp Manufacturing in 1994 as an electrician. Lee is the “soul” of the company and is as much of an institution around the place as Maureen. He’s the other person that you can go to find out anything you need to know about the company, people and mostly the building, its history and the whereabouts of things. He knows every square inch of the building, before expansion and after. These two employees broke the mold and we are lucky to have them on the team! Our best wishes to both of them on the 20-year achievement and looking forward to the next 20!



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