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Dutch Nutrient Rebrands

Dutch Nutrient Rebrands

Homegrown Hydroponics has seen a lot of industry changes since opening a small retail outlet in Toronto in 1985, but the company has always adapted according to consumer awareness and demand. In the early days, the main challenge involved educating the public because few people understood much about hydroponics.

Now, the hydroponic industry is highly competitive and has a much more sophisticated and conscientious customer base than when the company first began. The company has recently undergone a re-branding of their flagship nutrient brand, Dutch Nutrient Formula, into the sleeker, more modern-sounding Dutch Nutrient (DN). This unique formulation was developed in Holland and has been trusted by growers for more than 25 years.

To coincide with the launch of this new branding initiative, Dutch Nutrient has created three new liquid booster formulations, one for each stage of growth, to make high-yield gardening easier and more successful than ever before. Using the latest in plant metabolism science and organic ingredients, DN has produced a streamlined product line that requires less products and less money.

Check out Growth Burst, Diamond and Bloom Stacker, the latest advancements in organic stimulants for your plants, in the Product Spotlight section of Each DN product contains a precise balance of superior-class minerals and nutrients. The result is the highest quality of organic and synthetic blends available for plant growth.