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Congressman Visits EYE Hortilux Headquarters

Congressman Visits EYE Hortilux Headquarters

EYE Lighting International, makers of the famous Hortilux® Brand, had the pleasure of hosting Congressman David Joyce for a facility tour and roundtable discussion with employees in May. Joyce discussed the current activities in DC that are affecting the manufacturing industry and impacting northeast Ohio. He also addressed major energy issues, including Ohio’s participation in natural gas and the Energy Bill.

EYE Lighting President and COO Tom Salpietra commented, “Energy is a key issue, not only for Ohio but also for our nation. New lighting technologies are focusing towards greater energy efficiency. We are proud to be at the forefront of developing products to meet those needs. We are also continuing to develop several traditional products for certain key markets and B-to-C home-hobby customers.”

Joyce says, “My top priority is encouraging job creation and economic growth in northeast Ohio, and visiting local industries like EYE Lighting is the best way to learn how to advocate for our region in Washington. I’m grateful for the opportunity to visit EYE Lighting today and see their innovative work firsthand. After touring the facilities, I can see why President Tom Salpietra was named one of Smart Business’s Smart 50 winners and why many employees just celebrated their 20th anniversary with the company.”

Congressman Joyce was elected in 2012 to the 113th Congress to represent the 14th district of Ohio. He supports energy policies that use and develop all available energy resources including coal, wind and natural gas without burdening businesses with new energy taxes.